Righi Elettroservizi Spa and Denken Italia Srl, both companies of Righi Group, were winners of the contest launched by the Regione Emilia Romagna, promoter with Fondo di Sviluppo e Coesione of the creation of projects aimed at combating the spread of Covid-19.

200 projects presented by the Emilia Romagna companies, 30 of which were suitable for the contribution, including projects developed by the 2 companies of the Righi Group. Both companies have invested in research and development of systems able to combact the pandemic and avoid the recur of situations that could lead to new lockdowns.

Righi Elettroservizi participated with a project aimed at creating a wireless electronic bracelet for the remote detection and management of vital parameters and personal distance, with the goal of reducing the risk of contamination and to ensure the safety of people, to contain as much as possible the spread of Covid-19 virus within working environments and beyond.

Denken Italia has committed itself to the project of a ‘Health Point Care’, an automated front-office totem, for the monitoring and managing of the access to workplaces. The totem will have the double function of measuring the vital parameters (body temperature, heartbeat, blood saturation etc…) and to provide PPE (mask and hands sanitizer). The automated system will be able to reduce the risk of contamination of people accessing private and public facilities.

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