Denken Italia has been selected among the 25 Italian companies for the “Invest” project promoted by the United States Government through the federal agency USAID (United States Agency for International Development) which, with its project, aims to support the Italian private sector committed to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

In recent months, Denken Italia has been committed to the project of a “Health Point Care”, that is, an automated front-office totem, for monitoring and managing access to workplaces. The totem has a dual function: to measure vital parameters (body temperature, heart rate, blood saturation, etc.) and to provide PPE (mask and sanitizing gel). The aim is to reduce the risk of contamination of people accessing private and public facilities.

“We thought we would combine our ability to work with robotics with the new needs that were emerging. Among these was the issue of managing access to public places. We realized that the devices on the market were always asking the user for some kind of interaction: touching a screen, pressing a button, so we thought of something new and contactless. (…)

The development and design phase of the Totem was demanding, we had to put together all the necessary skills. In May we started with the production part, now we are opening up to the market”, says Paolo Berti, Plant Manager Denken Italia.

The American project will allow the 25 selected companies to benefit from a path of individual technical assistance provided over a period of 12 months, taking into account the specific differences and needs of the company, tailoring the intervention to certain areas, including production and marketing. The ultimate objective is to make the selected companies more competitive and prepared to face possible future emergencies.

To learn more read the interview:

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