Industry 4.0 is a word on everyone’s lips and few people know that there is a place in Emilia Romagna where daily takes shape. It is the automation division of Righi Group called Denken Italia srl, where robotics and vision systems are blended together to create special machines and prototypes, that can optimize and reduce the manual work of small and large companies in Italy and abroad.

The latest entry is an exclusive machine, designed to remove the blanking residues from plastic panels with an anthropomorphic robot. It reduce the processing time by more than 50%.

Interconnection and data exchange with existing systems puts practically the benefits of Industry 4.0, making the production process easy to manage and analyze by optimizing production, costs and business strategies.

Re-launching the country’s productive reality, stimulating the fourth industrial revolution with a national plan built on tax incentives  is a decision of the government, which is giving satisfactory results.

This digital development of industry is the sign of a country that works intensively in order to change the situation for the better.

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